"Our history is our future"

         Our history goes back with time in 1986, Sara Food held the decision and promoted the vision of Mr. Amin Dakdouk the founder. Mr. Amin believed that there is a need to bring more quality and quantity to the food and beverage industry. His vision of expansion and growth made Sara Food prolong-ate towards prevalent communities around the world to serve and satisfy larger populations with more competition in processing, supplying, and developing food and beverages. On the other hand Mr. Amin Dakdouk powered Sara Food with the effort to share international market and benefit from globalization advantages.
         Across the years, Sara Food growth has been significantly characterized with a high efficiency and qualifications for producing and increasing the manufacturing of a full product range to satisfy all consumers, whereby, we reached the ease of solving consumer problems by: earning money to get the requirements of life as well as offering a wide variety of products to choose, and satisfying consumer’s demands.

Brand overview

    Sara Food products are reachable and known in several regions worldwide. Our portfolio covers almost every food and beverage category – giving consumers wide variety of good tasting and amiable food and beverages to enjoy at every occasion throughout life. For more information, check Sara Food product.

Frozen beef, Chicken, buffalo, poultry & fish
Canned food canned meat, canned vegetables
Baby food NeoLac Cereals, box and Jar
Eggs white and brown Chicken eggs boxes with different sizes
Chocolate Fundelina Hazelnut and banana, Strawberry, vanilla
Company main board members

Founder of Sara Food
Mr. Amin Melhem Dakdouk

Deputy Chairman of Sara Food
Mr. Wissam Dakdouk
Deputy Chairman

Company employees

Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Romeo Dakdouk

Chief accountant
Mr. Wissam Dakdouk

Chief financial operation
Mr. Roy Abou Nasr

Logistics (supervisor)
Mrs. Rana Al Dakdouki

Art Director
Mr. Ziad Nasr

Sales representatives
Mrs. Nancy Daibes

Personal Assistant Manager & Exhibition organiser
Ms. Alya Mcheik

Make them feel it, it’s all about the taste

    Sara Food main objective, is to find a way to express the organization’s impact on the lives of consumers, clients, students, patients — whomever Sara Food serve.

Our Vision

    We do our best to create a greater choice of tasty, healthy, affordable and safe foods. At Sara Food, we believe that good food needs good science: Sara Food can help food and beverage industry to fulfill the needs of people around the world and at the same time contribute to the competitive strength within any worldwide market.

Our Mission

    Since 1986, our whole business has been entitled for making a difference in the food and beverage industry, influencing the life of people that we serve, communities and environments in which we operate in. What follows is a small briefing of the ways that Sara Foods Company reflects and reinforces our beliefs. Companies should operate with a higher purpose:

  • Leadership.
  • Add to the food and beverage industry.
  • Gain and hold on trust.
  • Our future is your future our product is your product we work hard to gain your trust in Sara Food.